The new social network which makes your music fly on the clouds.

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The new social network which makes your music fly on the clouds.

It’s online the new social network about music which allows to load, listen to and share music wherever and whenever you want.

According to “on the clouds” technology, Ivonmusic method of listening to the music. You only need a simple web connection to have always at your disposal your private music selection, to stay in contact with your friends and make new ones, to listen to their musical archives, saving their choices in your own playlist.

When you enter , as user you may create a profile where you’ll insert personal information, your musical tastes and load your private music selection, directly from the web or thanks to an application that you can download on the desktop, available for windows and Mac, and it will allow you to SYNCHRONIZE all the texts you’ll care to your own playlist.

Ivon music philosophy is addressed to share freely and for nothing audio files in streaming with the possibility for the users to extend for infinity his own musical universe, setting himself free of all the space in his own hard disk.

Thanks to the automatic catalogning of the music of every profile, IvonMusic suggests each users a list of contacts always new but carachterized by same music tastes; selecting a musical genre or an artists, instead, the system offers thousands of profiles which contain texts of the requested type.

IvonMusic it’s simple,easy and free.

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