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Villa Dental Clinic: some successful cases.

At the Villa Dental Clinic we deal every day with complex clinical cases and, at times, with seemingly impossible to solve ones. Thanks to our experience and the preparation of our staff, however,
our patients always come back home satisfied and finally with a perfect smile . Here is a brief review of some real cases of success treated in the clinic.

Case details
This patient of 73, who had a chronic coagulation deficit, came to us for examination as he was interested in total restoration with implants. In a situation like this, the greatest risk was from possible haemorrhaging during and/or post-operation, especially in  traditional-type surgery where the gum is stripped back. With the patient conscious but under sedation, we operated first, on the upper jaw, and then after two weeks, on the lower jaw. In both operations the teeth were extracted and the implants placed using minimally invasive procedures. In both the upper and the lower jaws of the patient the provisional crowns were screwed directly on to the implants  the day after surgery.

Case details
This patient of 50 had had a removable partial denture on the upper jaw for years and the remaining teeth were very loose due to chronic periodontal disease. With the patient conscious but under sedation , we extracted the teeth and positioned the implants with the help of a surgical template obtained from a computerised plan ( Nobelguide ) which allowed us to keep surgical invasiveness to a minimum. At the same time we corrected the gum recession with connective tissue grafts. The following day the patient was provided with temporary fixed crowns screwed directly on to the implants. The permanent crowns were fitted 6 months after surgery

Case details
This patient of 18 was referred to us by her dentist two days after a road accident in which she had suffered the loss of a lateral incisor and upper right canine. Four days after this traumatic event two implants were placed directly into the sockets using flapless surgery to prevent scarring and recession of tissues in an area of the mouth which is extremely important from an aesthetic point of view. The same day as the operation, the patient was restored with two temporary crowns in resin screwed on to the implants. After 6 months these crowns were replaced with two single all ceramic crowns.

To read about other cases and for further informations on the techniques used at the Villa Dental Clinic go to our website .

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